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Client 4.7. and Windows XP netsh script files

Hello community, for a customer we changed the user authentication in the VPN client from a password based to a certificate based solution. For this change we needed an update of the VPN client version from 4.04. to 4.7. to use the new introduced certificate features (CERT match DN and CertificateKeyUsage).

The certificate based solution is function well and remote workers can authenticate with their certificates.

Now to my prob: If the user is connected to the LAN we configure the LAN network interface with a Microsoft Windows XP netsh command and a netsh script file (like "netsh –f sriptfile"). With the old version of the VPN client (4.0.4) the script file was working correctly and without any problems. After upgrading to version 4.7 the script is not longer working and abrupts during the execution.

Does anybody has a clue for that or got similar error functions? Is that problem known at Cisco maybe? It seems that the new VPN client has an influence to Windows system functions!?


Re: Client 4.7. and Windows XP netsh script files

I think the issue is with the compatability of the upgrade that is done.Check for the compatability.

In Windows XP/2003, use the NETSH utility to get a detailed diagnostics report: Start -> Run -> netsh diag gui

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