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Client / Site -to-Site VPN

Hi,I have the following question of VPN access:

There is a site-to-site VPN (using 17xx and 26xx router) between Hong Kong and US, and a VPN client(located in Thailand) access the Hong Kong Network by using client-to-site VPN.

Can this VPN client access the network of US (via Hong Kong)in the same time?


VPN client (Thaland)-->VPN router (Hong Kong)-->VPN router(US)


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Re: Client / Site -to-Site VPN

There have to be routes to the US network passed to the VPN client. Usually if you have a route to the US network on a router(maybe the HK backbone router) that the VPN client can communicate with, you should be able to get to a network beyond the HK network.

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Re: Client / Site -to-Site VPN


I have a similar situation, and I am relatively new to CISCO based VPNs.

We have three LAN based locations - two in the US, and one in India. We want to connect all three over VPN such that users at any location can run applications at any other location seamlessly. We have DSL lines in the US and are planning to get a leased line connection to the internet in India.

I am told that this kind of site-to-site connectivity can be accomplished by using CISCO 3005 concentrators. I have been looking out for a white paper that discusses this, but haven't had much luck. I need help with how the networks will be configured at each location besides the concentrator configuration itself.

Can anyone shed any light?

Many thanks in advance.

-Meetesh .

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