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Client Static IP

I have my PIX firewall setup to accept vpn connection from pptp clients. I use a local address pool of Everything is working fine except I need a way to assign a client a static IP address in this range. The only way I have found to do this is by giving the client the first ip address in the pool staticly, but if that address is in use I will get an error. If I try to assign an address further down, say I get an error saying that the address was not allowed by ther server or something like that. Does anyone know how I could solve this problem? The reason I need a static IP is because print jobs are printed to this machine through lpd and the IP address cannot be erratic.

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Re: Client Static IP

There's currently no way to assign a static IP address to a PPTP client. How are you even assigning the first IP address in the pool?

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Re: Client Static IP

I actually ended up getting a hold of TAC for another problem and mentioned the static IP address problem also. Needless to say he told me the same thing and we ended up setting up ipsec instead of PPTP and setup a ip address pool that consisted of only 1 ip address. Just in case anyone else has this problem the reason we didn't just setup a second IP pool and just keep using PPTP is because with PPTP you cannot specify which pool you want to use on the client side and you can't assign the pool to a specific client on the firewall side. With ipsec, on the client side, you can specify which group you want to use and each group is assign a pool. Thanks for the reply though.

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