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Comparisons to Nortel Networks VPN

I have a question: I am trying to compare and contrast the 3000/5000 series and Nortel's Contivity 1500 and 2500. Is the number of tunnels the only main difference? I am looking at a 3-state lan to lan configuration for a project, and need to know. Will the 3000s and 5000s work with the Nortel Products?

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Re: Comparisons to Nortel Networks VPN

Well, here is my two cents on comparing and contrasting Nortel and Cisco. I think Nortel is using open standard IPSEC but I've never tried it. I think you'd be much better from a support standpoint sticking with one vendor. Having multiple vendors will cause nothing but headaches in the long run. I am very happy with our 3000's. Very easy to setup and use.

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Re: Comparisons to Nortel Networks VPN

We provide a tool to locate your nearest Cisco Partner/reseller at:

These offices should have the specific answers to your questions and can likely provide independent reviews on the products you mention. If you need further assistance locating the right office, please email me directly at

If anyone has experience to share with John, we welcome your response.

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