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Concetrator 3015 split-tunnel

Hi All:

I have concetrator 3015(3.5.2) and test everything is ok exception split-tunnel,i need to specific every group with encryption Network List , If i creat Network List in vpn group , the user couldn't ping any hosts,if i select "tunnel everything" , the used can ping any host , but that's not my need,as bellow is my doing process

Policy Manager--->Traffic Manager--->Netowrk List--->Add---> 10.10.0/ Vpn300 Inside Network)

User Manager--->Group--->Modify Group--->mode config--->split-tunnel policy --->Only Tunnel Network List , Split Tunnel Network List--->I select just creat Network List

I also was wondering if there is anything else i need config on VPN3000

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Concetrator 3015 split-tunnel

Hi Emily,

1. Make sure that Mode Config is checked for this group settings.

2. Once the VPN Client is connected, Check to see if the split tunneling policy is pushed to the client.

3. You can click on the small icon on the lower right hand corner of the PC and go under statistics and you should see the outside ip address of the PN3000 and the network that you had configured for split tunneling. In your case, it would be

4. And try sending some traffic and see if you encrypts on the client and decrypts on the VPN3000 and vice versa.

5. When testing the connection, are you using two different groups or making the changes to the same group.



Community Member

Re: Concetrator 3015 split-tunnel

Hi Arul:

Thanks for you reponse , theese days i check the problem , I seem to found the problem symptom

If i used laptop modm to dial-up (48kbps) , i can't ping split-tunnel network list , but i used laptop to through lease line(T1) , i can ping split-tunnel network . i had chang "set MTU" from "default" to "576" , still don't to resolve the problem , is there anything else i need to config on vpn3000 ?

thanks in advance

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