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Conduit & Access List


in which PIX firewall IOS version did Cisco stopped "Conduit" command ? In the previous versions when both "Conduit" and "access list" commands were there , which command was used and why ??




Re: Conduit & Access List

Hi .. version 6.3 is the last one to support this.

I hope it helps ... please rate it if it does !!!

The conduit command is used to permit or deny inbound connections through the PIX firewall. The conduit command functions by creating an exception to the PIX Adaptive Security Algorithm that permits connections from one PIX Firewall network interface to another. This exception is global and applies to all inbound connections from any lower security level interface to any higher security level interface.

The outbound command is used to permit or deny outbound connections through the PIX firewall. The outbound command is used in the creation of outbound filter lists which are applied to interfaces via the apply command.

The access-list and access-group commands are used to created Access Control Lists that may be used to permit or deny inbound or outbound connections through the PIX. Access Control Lists may be used in place of both conduit and outbound configurations, providing consistent and more flexible control of connections in either direction. Access Control Lists allow for filtering based upon source and destination addressing and ports and are applied individually to each interface allowing for much more granular and secure control of connections passing through the PIX. "

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