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Configuration synchronization on VPN Concetrator


I have two VPN3K

I'm looking a way to synchronize configutation file

on master and backup


Re: Configuration synchronization on VPN Concetrator

Unfortunately, you need to do this manually since there is no way to synchronize the configurations like in a pix failover envrionment you can.

For manually copying perform the following steps:

1- Make sure the configuration on the primary box is correct and complete. Save the config.

2- Go to admin, file management, upload files. The current config file is named CONFIG.TXT. Enter that (it is case sensitive) in the concentrator file and then save it to your desktop as the same name. Make sure the file is completely saved to the desktop before opening it with notepad andproceeding to step 3.

3- This step is optional. If you are able to locate within the text file the ip address of the box itself(not the vrrp address) and the system identification you can change these entries to the secondary box. Save the file again as .txt. If you are unsure of where to find them in the text file, as it can be hard to locate certain entries- skip this step for the time being.

4- Go to the secondary concentrator. Under file management delete the file named CONFIG.BAK. Once deleted- Swap config files so that CONFIG.BAK is now the running config file. Reboot the concentrator- once back up- save the config.

5- Note- if you skipped step three you will now have a duplicate ip address conflict so , remove the network cables from the secondary concentrator. Console into the secondary concentrator and change its ip address and system identication to be its own. Save config. Connect the network cables backup. With this make sure you change the ip in the secondary concentrator.

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Re: Configuration synchronization on VPN Concetrator


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