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Configuring ASA 5510 Sec. Appl.


Our work purchase an ASA 5510 SEC. App. Firewall, which I have to set it up and connect it to my network at work for the purpose of publishing our corporate mail server (I am a new to Cisco routers and specialized in building AD infrastructure). The network infrastructure is as follows:

ISA( ------( ASA (outside)(Add.IP2)-->(ISP Router IP1)-> Internet



( Server ----- ( Relay)

I want to instruct AS to:

1- Forward all inbounding Mail ( requests to the SMTP server (mail Relay server) which resides in the DMZ zone, and which will forward mail to the smart host and then to the front edge connector behind ISA using port 443, AND

2- Forward the inbound company's site ( requests be forwarded to the web server in DMZ Zone.

Assuming IP/Subnet Address assigned by the ISP

IP1 => Gateway

IP2=> Assigned to ASA's external interface (OR shouldn't I?)

IP3=> assigned to

IP4=> assigned to

I am seeking help and can someone give me a clue on how to start setting up this firewall for the above purpose.

Thanks allot in advance

Best Regards


Re: Configuring ASA 5510 Sec. Appl.

The following link should help to accomplish the mail server part:

The Web-server part is similar, just change the port to 80 (and 443 also if you guys have HTTPs).

Give my regards to Mr. Shehzadul Hassan :)


Farrukh Haroon

Community Member

Re: Configuring ASA 5510 Sec. Appl.

Hello Mr. Haroon

I indeed thank very much for your prompt reply.

But please notes that my mail server (FE-Exchange ) is behind ISA and my SMTP is on the DMZ network. However, I will for sure review the article you have directed me to, and try to extract the suitable configuration.

But still I will continue posting my questions if there is any, hopingwill get the answer.

Thank you very much again

Best Regards

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