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Configuring ASA any connect for Jabber client.

Helloo ,

I Was trying to establish ASA anyconnect vpn for Jabber but the mobile failed to connect . the logs appears that client software is incompatible . i don't know the solution for that ? . If any have established anyconnect vpn for jabber kindly update it as configuration example

Hint :- I am using Local database for authentication not certificate . 

New Member

Re: Configuring ASA any connect for Jabber client.

I have configured a demo system for this purpose among others. The asa terminates anyconnect ssl vpn sessions for thin and thick clients as well as mobile clients and ssl capable cisco ip phones. There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary configuration regarding mobile device with anyconnect client and a jabber client ( cisco jabber ).

If you can connect the pc-based anyconnect client, then you probably do not have the mobile license installed on the asa.

If you have purchased premium or essentials license, you can obtain the trial mobile license from cisco.

Check out the asa documentation, regarding licensing model and compatibility matrix for your asa model and software release.

Regards, Marko

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