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Configuring MPLS Based VPNs on the 7200

(Note: This message was posted as part of the "Ask the Expert" Event on Hardware Platforms for VPN’s that took place September 18-29. Feel free to respond to or form discussions around this question)

Posted by ryan.hicks - NEWSOUTH COMMUNICATIONS

Sep 26, 2000, 12:13pm Pacific (14.)

I would like some insight on configuring MPLS based VPNs on the 7200 acting as the label switch router and another as the label switch controller for the BPX 8600.

What benefit would I gain using the label switch controller on the BPX than without using it. I have heard some talk on the use of the LSC saving config time by using the virtual switch interface (vsi), but what actually does this do?

New Member

Re: Configuring MPLS Based VPNs on the 7200

Start by reviewing this paper:

For specifics on configuring it, reference:

Does any in the forum have some experience to share with Ryan as he takes this on?

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Re: Configuring MPLS Based VPNs on the 7200

The LSC provides an MPLS ATM path from the BPX. In order to make the BPX act as an MPLS LSC, it must form adjancies with either another LSC or LSR (Label Switch Routers). If you want the BPX to participate in the MPLS cloud, it must have a LSC VSI interface. MPLS VPNs will most likely be configured in the PE (Provider Edge) or CE (Customer Edge) device. These devices are on the edge of the network. The VPN is created through a unique RD (route distinguisher) or VRF. The VRF (VPN) can be distributed across the MPLS core to form a virtual router network. The VRF can run OSPF,BGP-4, RIPv2 and statics (1720,2600,3600,7200,7500). The routing information gets sent across the MPLS core using extensions of BGP. There are several good configuration documents on CCO that provide details on command structure.

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Re: Configuring MPLS Based VPNs on the 7200

when you has IP+ATM platform,and your network has BPX,you want to make it be a LSR,thus you need add a 7200 or 7500 as role of LSC.But you had better to use 7200 as LSC,because when use 7500 as LSC,something bug will happend.

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