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New Member

Conflicting statics(?)

When the firewall boots, I get a message about conflicting statics. Despite the message everything seems to work as expected.

Maybe I'm blind but I just don't see it:

static (inside,outside) tcp interface 3389 3389 netmask

static (dmz,outside) tcp interface 7475 10000 netmask

static (dmz,outside) tcp interface ftp ssh netmask

static (inside,outside) tcp interface 7456 ftp netmask

static (inside,outside) tcp interface www www netmask

static (inside,dmz) netmask

Can you help me figure it out?



Re: Conflicting statics(?)

nope, looks alright to me.

Cisco Employee

Re: Conflicting statics(?)

Can you paste the error message as it appears during bootup please.

New Member

Re: Conflicting statics(?)

Unfortunately, I only got to see a part of the message on the console and I didn't have logging enabled during last boot. What I could see said "conflicting static" and it gave the config line number.

Could it have something to do with these NAT commands?

nat (inside) 0 access-list nonat

nat (inside) 1

nat (dmz) 1

Cisco Employee

Re: Conflicting statics(?)

In and of themselves, there is nothing wrong with those statements. Why don't you use hypterterm and record your session? That way you can capture the exact error message.

New Member

Re: Conflicting statics(?)

I'll do that the next time the firewall reboots - it probably won't happen for a few months though (unless there is a problem).

New Member

Re: Conflicting statics(?)

I just discovered a great command "show startup errors" - DUH?!

Here's the exact message:

WARNING: conflicting statics in startup configuration

*** Output from config line 88, "static (dmz,outside) tcp..."

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