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Connect to a home lab

Can someone describe a setup which will allow me to telnet from my work computer to a lab I have setup at my house. Also, what physical connections would be needed? Here is my current setup:

cable modem -- linksys router -- 2511

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Re: Connect to a home lab

If your Linksys box supports it (check wiki DD-WRT) then I suggest you load up the latest DD-WRT VPN firmware on the Linksys and configure an SSL-based VPN tunnel via TCP port 443, using OpenVPN GUI on your work machine. Using port 443 will enable you to burrow through any web proxy at your company. This setup will allow you to form an ethernet bridge from your work PC to your home LAN. Then you can ssh or telnet directly from your work PC into the 2511 and finally reverse telnet into your lab devices. Physically, you'll need an ethernet transceiver on the 2511 AUI port and standard UTP patch cables between the 2511--Linksys--Cable Modem. And of course the usual octal cables for the 2511.

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