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Connect W2K with ipsec to PIX5.1? Possible or Not?

I think NOT but I may be wrong. I do not have any experience with PIX although I have been reading a lot about it. A customer has a site with PIX5.1 and I need to connect to it with a W2K server through ADSL. They are using pre-shared keys and the CiscoSecure client. The Cisco client will not work with W2K and they claim that PIX5.1 only supports that Cisco client so I cannot use the newer client. So you see I cannot use Cisco's client and PPTP is not an option for the customer. I have tried connecting W2K with ipsec to the PIX according to the documentation I can find on Cisco's and Microsoft's sites but it does not connect. It appears that it fails the authentication but I have confirmed my settings are right? Does the customer need to change something on the PIX? Note the connection works fine with 95 and Cisco's client.

It appears that Cisco has left a lot of customers with equipment that cannot be updated to the new standards? I only use Cisco for a frame connection but it seems like a lot of people are having issues with VPN's and W2K. I know Cisco has a good name but what is the problem here?

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Re: Connect W2K with ipsec to PIX5.1? Possible or Not?

The Cisco Secure VPN client 1.1 is not supported on Windows 2000. It only works on 95/98 and NT. The new 3.0 client (or Cisco Unity client) is supported on Windows 2000, but requires min version 6.0 of the PIX code. 6.0 is backward compatible with 5.x code, so if the customer has enough flash/memory on the PIX, then this is his upgrade path.

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