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Connecting to a Novel server using Cisco VPN client 3.5.3

Dear all

I'm having problem to connect to my local Novell server using Cisco VPN client3.5.3.

I'm running Novell over IP and I'm not having any problem if I connect directly to my AS5200 (as5200 not running IPX). I'm trying to connect to the same Novel server over the VPN connection but I see that some packets are being discarded in the VPN status screen. Can someone help with this problem.


Yves Salzmann

Community Member

Re: Connecting to a Novel server using Cisco VPN client 3.5.3

Novell maintains a newsgroup server for support, You will find many discussions about using your Novell client via VPN and the tweaks you will need to perform.

You dont detail your environment so I will describe mine.

The Novell client running IP will use SLP to locate services. SLP is similar to WINS in the microsoft world. By default, the client will use multicast to locate SLP services. VPN does not support multicast. You will need to configure static DA in your client. You will not be able use the host name of the SLP DA server as the workstation will try to resolve it once at boot up. You will need to enter the IP addresses of the SLP DA servers. The client will try to contact the SLP DA when the network connection first comes up (not the VPN) connection. As you are outside the network and the SLP DA are inside the network, you will not be able to contact them. The client SLP agent will start a timer. By default I believe it is 5 minutes and is tunable. When the time expires, it will try to contact the SLP DA again. If unsuccessful, the timer will be reset and started again. The VPN connection becoming active does not single the network coming up (it has already been up). You will not be able to browse the novell network until you have created the VPN tunnel and the timer has expired.

You can shortcut the wait by using the IP address of your server as the tree name and server name. You still wont be able to browse the novell network until the timer has expired. Using the IP address may cause error with the login script.

SLP DA needs to be setup on your server for all this to work. Help on that will be found on novell newsgroup server.

I hope this was helpful in a small or large. Good Luck.


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