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Considering a VPN

We have a central veterinary hospital with 10 satellite out-patient clincis. I would like to be able to establish connecst between central and each clinic (not among the several clinics) to enter client information into the invoicing and medical records databases and to be able to type up client discharge documents and retrieve lab and xray interpretations, etc. The hospital is running a new Win 2000 LAN with Dell OptiPlex 150GX PCs and has a file server and a database server. We will also be installing a diagnostic imaging workstation which will either serve as a web server or feed a server at our ISP.

It seems that in order to be able to have access ad lib to the hospital that a VPN is advisable. Can this be done with Windows and a routine firewall or do we need to get more sophisticated? The clinics run their own practice management software at their own sites and do not need to be continuously connected.

Thanks much.

Chuck Cohen


Re: Considering a VPN

You can do a LAN to LAN VPN from most OSs and/or most firewalls with minimal configuration but I have always been a fan of dedicated hardware for the job. Easier to maintan, diagnose, etc and better suited to do a particular task. If you have a budget to consider then that may influence your choice.

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