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Couple of VPN Questions


I'm tasked with getting a VPN to work between two sites. One is in Canada, and the other is in Chile. I'm told that the Chile Internet connection (far side) is some sort of dial up, but a relatively high speed connection (like around 256K or something). In any case, since they have to authenticate, I'm assuming that I can use the vpdn features of the PIX to configure it to use a PPPoE connection, correct? I saw the document on it and it seems pretty straight forward.

However, them (the Chile side) connecting to the Internet is just one side of the equation. As they are a dial up shop, they'll only be assigned an IP dynamically. Since the PIX on that end must also be participating in a VPN with a Cisco 800 series router on this end, I'll need it to somehow have a static IP so that I can configure the tunnel endpoints.

Anybody have any creative ideas on how this can be accomplished? Or do I just have to tell them to get a static IP at their end (if they even can)?




Re: Couple of VPN Questions

if you have a static in canada, config the canuck pix to accept tunnels from anyone (similar to how you would for end user vpn client access). this should work fine, with the proviso that the chilean network/pix will need to start the tunnel initiation process, because the canuck pix would not know how to contact the chilean pix on account of its dynamic ip.

the real problem is when you have dynamic ips at both ends, which results in people wanting to use ddns, and other hacks. so long as you have one static, you should be fine

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