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CS IDS Version 3.0

Does anybody know

A) since IDS ver 3.0 is projected to be released this summer will it work on existing hardware (IDS-42xx and NRS-xx included)?

B)will 3.0 work in the existing manner ie. remote IDS sensor talking back to an IDS director?

C) Is there documentation available that might offer an idea of the new and improved features that will be included? I have scoured the Cisco website and the only mention of it was an post from Marco that promised custom signatures as a possibility in the new 3.0 code.

Cisco Employee

Re: CS IDS Version 3.0


A) All Cisco Sensors can be upgraded to 3.0 (includes all NRS-xx and IDS-42xx models). Sensors shipped by Wheelgroup prior to the aquisition by Cisco were end of lifed prior to version 2.5 and are therefore not upgradeable to version 3.0.

For sensors running version 2.5, they will be upgradable from a CCO download.

For sensors running version 2.2.1.x, they will have to upgraded to 2.5 via CD and then upgraded to 3.0 by CCO download, or directly upgraded to 3.0 by the 3.0 CD..

B) 3.0 will use the same communication method as existing 2.5 sensors. However, the CSPM machines will have to be upgraded to v2.3.1.i and the Unix Director machines will have to be upgraded to v2.2.3. Users can expect to have all 3 released the middle of this summer.

C) No documentation is yet available to the public documenting the new features in 3.0.

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