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CSA agent.exe conversion to MSI file

i have a problem with CSA agent our bank has a head office and about 130 Branches each branch has an average of 50 employees each region has a domain

the problem is to install the agent kit on each users desktop "typing the CSA MC server ip and downloading the kit isn't a professional way" so i deciaded it would be with each user's log in to the domain the domain sends the agent to the user to do that i need the agent to be .msi the agent is downloaded in .exe

i tried to download an exe msi converter but no such thing the only solution i reached is using Vertias which can be found on windows 2000 CD, the Vertais takes a snapshoot of the windows then i install the agent and run Vertais again take a snapshoot when it finishs it gives you the exe in msi form, but it gave me an error file that this exe file can't be converted i tried it on another desktop windows 2000 and XP also the same problem

can anyone help me to find a way to convert it to a msi or is there an agent kit for CSA in msi form

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