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CSA causing BSOD - btaudio.sys

Hey Guys,

We're trying to build a new SOE, but on a laptop when you turn on/off bluetooth we recieve a Blue screen of death. With CSA uninstalled the error does not occur. With CSA turned off (right clicked on task bar) we still get a BSOD, so that kinda rules out any rules/policies.

Any ideas without upgrading the server to version 5 or 6? I'm not confident with this software to upgrade.

V4.5.1 build v657



Re: CSA causing BSOD - btaudio.sys

btaudio.sys is part of the bluetooth stack for windows, it can be from WIDCOMM or a repackaged version from ibm/ms/dell/hp whatever, i would consider searching for BSOD in regards to the bluetooth driver for that specific platform, otherwise you are looking at a bug, which is not easily solved by changing rules in csa, in 5.x there is a class called "only needing kernel protection", which sometimes can be used, but this sounds like a bad driver, that tries to install itself in the same call tables as csa, and causes a BSOD, so looking into fixing the driver problem, might be simpler and quicker than trying to fix csa.

Re: CSA causing BSOD - btaudio.sys

Actually, i found this also referencing the wireless button, not with csa though, but it kinda shows that there is some general problem with the bluetooth driver, at least on IBM T61 :

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