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CSA deployment

Please suggest on the CSA environment any way we can simulate the setup before the actual deployment ?


Re: CSA deployment

This is my oversimplified deployment strategy that I hope my fellow Net Pros will add to and comment upon.

I have found this methodology gives me the most control over the deployment.

To begin, the CSA Management Center needs a fully qualified domain name for CSA clients to be able to poll it. Set up the server and enter its name in your DNS. I then load a test mode kit on my laptop which I keep in the same room as the CSA-MC. If the kit downloaded to the laptop doesn't interfere with normal activities, then I download this kit to a PC that's in close proximity. During this time I keep a close eye on the events log of the Management Console and question each and every entry. You might be surprised at what your applications are doing, not to mention your end users. I create exceptions to rules where needed and fine tune the configuration while tightening up the rule set.

The point here is to create a test group that is near to your Management Center so that feedback on the deployment is rapid and can be undone if needed very quickly.

The other idea here is to carefully select the end users and try to achieve a cross section based on location, department, and function.

If you are going to deploy CSA on servers do it last after you get the hang of the implementation and moving the clients from test mode to live mode.

Hope this helps.

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