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CSA install during MS sysprep

Having random problems with building a pc with MS SYSPREP. The script will run to install the applications but at times the install just hangs when it gets to the csa_driver_install_2k.exe. Anyone experience this before and if so what was the fix if any?

New Member

Re: CSA install during MS sysprep

What is csa_driver_install_2k.exe? Is that an agent package? What version? Where in the initial startup does it try to install CSA? Is it before or after its installed the network drivers?


Re: CSA install during MS sysprep

csa_driver_install_2k.exe is part of the installed agent. CSA may be trying to protect itself. Try putting it in test mode (may not help) or do it afterward. Never had much fun with CSA installed on PC images. Works best if done afterward.

Tom S

New Member

Re: CSA install during MS sysprep

In my experience as well, any time you have software that relies on a unique identifier as part of its communication with a management server, whether its ids, personal firewall, antivirus, patch management, etc., then pre-installing it with an image always fails.

My suggestion is that you put the Installer package into a folder on the desktop or a hidden folder somewhere else. At the very least, you could add an entry to the Registry's HKLM RunOnce key, so when the initialization has finished and the OS boots up normally for the first time, you can finish this part of the setup automatically.

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