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CSA is not logging events

We recently upgraded to CSA 5.2. For some unknown reason, we don't have anything logged in the event log since 2/13. It was logging fine before then when all the systems were in test mode. I took them out of test mode last week. Neither the database nor the hard drive is full. Any ideas?


Re: CSA is not logging events

CSA may be in in protected mode and it got blocked so there is a chance for no event logged , make sure which mode you are in.


Re: CSA is not logging events

Also, when you took them out of test mode, did you move the host to a different group or are they in the same group just with test mode disabled?

You may want to check the group itself to see if the logging option is on. Check out screen shot

New Member

Re: CSA is not logging events

Yeah I moved them to a different group. Logging was enabled....but I just figured out that there are 900 thousand log entries so it's not logging anything new. I guess I should've checked that first before I posted on here. Thanks for all your help!

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