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CSA MC antivirus

I have installed my CSA MC 5.1. Although it seems well protected and the CSA agent on the MC is already in 'full protection mode', should I still install Symantec antivirus which I usually install on all servers in my network?

Or is it not needed?

Thank you

New Member

Re: CSA MC antivirus

It certainly will not hurt to have both Symantec and CSA on your host machines. Having anti-virus will scan, identify, and actually remove viruses and trojans from your endpoint devices. These are generally real-time scans that are compared against a set of periodically updated signatures.

Occassionally, however, there could be a vulnerability that could slip through the cracks with just AV on it. With CSA as a Host IPS solution, this piece will actually identify anomalies and malicious behavior on a system in real time, and subsequently takes immediate action rather than having to wait for signatures to become updated. What it identifies is based on a configured set of rules determined by your organization's security policies.

Both products can work hand in hand in securing these endpoint devices. Here is a helpful document that describes this with Trend as the AV solution:

Hope this helps,


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