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CSA - Server vs Client - Licenscing breakdown by groups?

As Cisco CSA license charges are signficantly different from between server and client agents, we need a method, report, SQL query to be able to determine the number servers and number clients used in a given group. This is to allow internal "charge backs" to occur, and given the difference between server and client licenscing costs - the total of servers and clients is available via the "Maintenance -> License Info" tab, but there is no way to see lists of clients or servers, or do seachs/breakdowns of this info by group, or even a report that allows one to import this data into excel - Even a "SQL query" against the appropiate SQL database fields would be workable - We just need access to this licenscing info in some fashion - Any thoughts out there?


Re: CSA - Server vs Client - Licenscing breakdown by groups?

Try this:

SELECT DISTINCT host.hostname, host.description, host.okena_system_type, host.os, host.os_version, HostDetailView.groupname

FROM host, csamc.dbo.HostDetailView HostDetailView

WHERE HostDetailView.hostname = host.hostname AND ((host.okena_system_type In (20,17)))

This will get all server types (okena_system_type) and the groups they belong to. You'll have to adjust it if you have different server OSs. Workstations have an okena_system_type of 9.

You don't mention what version you are running. This is for 4.0.3.

Tom S

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Re: CSA - Server vs Client - Licenscing breakdown by groups?

Looks good - It's CSA V4.5.1 B616 - I'm digging aound to find "access" as us user/password to the SQL instance - Remember that admin password during the install? Well I don't.. But I'm sure we can "get in" (that's what DBAs are for, right?). I had asked TAC basically the same question, and got "there is no easy way to do this", I offered to write a SQL query, if they would supply the ERD or the field/column names that I needed.. They basically said no, to that as well.. So do you have a "Cisco ERD", or did you just turn ERWin loose on the SQL instance and reverse engineer it.. Glad to know this can be done.. And yes, it's all windows at this point.. Do you happen to know the all the "valid" _system_type definitions, or are you reverse engineering this as well??

Thanks for you help thusfar!! At least this is a starting point, and I'll report back if I have to "tweak" this for V4.5.2


Re: CSA - Server vs Client - Licenscing breakdown by groups?

Well, I must be pretty dangerous because I don't know what ERD or ERwin is. ;-} I use MS Query and Excel.

I'm guessing you have local MSDE since you can't get in any other way. There is already a data source defined on the CSAMC and it allows local queries without the username\password (I didn't remember ours either).

I installed MS Query and Excel on the MC to get the info and export it and I have a bunch of spreadsheets that I can just open and refresh data. This gives us much more granular reporting now.

I'm pretty sure it is not supported so I did a complete system backup beforehand just to be sure. It seems to work fine with no ill effects.

Having learned from earlier efforts, I used full SQL for our new CSA 5 MC and remembered to choose the username and password this time so now I can do remote queries.

There were only three system types on our system but there may be more and yes, I got it from the tables.

Tom S

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