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CSA Service - Not Starting After Boot - Dependancies?

CSA V4.5.1. B616

On just a few nodes (no real pattern that we folk) the "Cisco Security Agent" service will NOT restart after a reboot (Yes, it's set to auto, etc)..

The strange part, after the boot is done, and one logs in - the OKClient.exe flag starts fine (and shows the service is off) - And if you manually "start" the "CSA service" - Things just start up fine..

After the boot, there is NOT anything interesting related to the boot in the NT event log or CSALOG.txt - My gut instinct is that it's a startup dependancy issue on "slow" nodes - and the service never gets a "chance" to start ala Windows, as all the needed "pre-requisites" are not yet up..

Problem is - There are NO dependancies specificed for the "Cisco Security Agent" service on a vanilla install - Should there be??

Anyone see this before? - Again, it just effects some nodes, and not others - A deinstall - reboot - reinstall - reboot didn't change any behaviors, and the install seemed to go in cleanly..

Any thoughts - or known dependancies that I should manually specify, or throw this over the wall to TAC?


Re: CSA Service - Not Starting After Boot - Dependancies?

It might be a timing issue. Increase the poll time or disable a 2nd NIC (if present) to reduce the time it takes to contact the MC.

Do you have any VPN software or other client software loaded?

If that fails, you could look at service startup properties and see what might be conflicting.

Export your current services setup before starting so you can refer back to it after testing.

Check the CSA service logon properties, it shoud be local system.

See if you have any other restrictions in place (like GPOs or other security restrictions).

Disable any unnecessary services.

Check for other network shims loading (like AV).

Try this and see if it loads cleanly when one or more other services are disabled.

Tom S

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