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CSA v5.0 - Install MC on a new/different server

If CSA Agents have been installed on all clients in a domain and the server hosting the CSA MC has stopped operating or been replaced, do the CSA Agents automatically pick up a new replacement CSA MC server even if it has a different IP address etc?

Likewise, how would you get CSA Agents to recognise a Backup CSA MC server for redundancy purposes?


Re: CSA v5.0 - Install MC on a new/different server


I don't believe there is any way to run a backup server for CSA. Besides the CSA agents will still work. If your CSA server crashes and you don't have a backup of the database you will have to reinstall all your agents.


Re: CSA v5.0 - Install MC on a new/different server

Adding a bit more about what Patrick have said .. please read below a paragraph I have found in one of my Ebooks .. "The database contains not only all your groups, policies, rule modules, and so on, but your

software licenses, and SSL certificate keys that CSA uses to communicate with the MC.

If you have your database backups and they are good, do yourself a favor and restore them

once in a while just to make sure. You can then recover your Management Center quickly.

If you lose your certificates (that is the database is destroyed and you did not back it up),

your agents cannot communicate with any new Management Center you create to replace

it. Therefore you need either a manual replacement of the SSL certificates on each agent,

or a reinstallation of the agent itself. Neither is fun, so help yourself now and back up those

databases right away before you pass out installation kits."

Hope it helps ..please rate it if it does !!!

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Re: CSA v5.0 - Install MC on a new/different server

Hi Fernando

What about redundancy purposes? Is it possible to install 2 x CSA MC to access the same database?

If the first fails, the agents should be able to contact the next (this could be useful when using System state set - Management Center reachable in the Rule module)



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