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CSA v5.0 Reports not working.

I have VMS 2.3 and CSA 5.0 installed on a GSX VMWare Guest Server. CSA runs fine except that all reports fail to run with the following error: Error: Could not connect to the Web Component Server.

I have reinstalled CSA several times which appears fool proof enough without any success, I wondered if anybody had any similar issues?


Re: CSA v5.0 Reports not working.

Before deploying Cisco Security Agents (CSA) on a large scale, it is critical that you run a manageable and modest initial pilot of the product. Even in a CSA upgrade situation, a pilot program is required. Due to the unique configuration of every individual enterprise, the pre-configured policies that ship with CSA will not fit every site perfectly. A certain amount of policy tuning is always necessary. This tuning is best done on a small sample of systems that are representative of the whole.

Once the pilot is operating satisfactorily, with CSA protecting systems using properly tuned policies, you can turn your pilot into a larger deployment.

The following sections provide a guideline for conducting a pilot of CSA and deploying the product on a large scale.


Re: CSA v5.0 Reports not working.

Yes, make sure the Seagate Page Server and Seagate Web Component Server are running. If they are present but not started, start them and try and run the reports again. If the are not present or cannot start, there are other issues and you may need a new VM.

Tom S

Community Member

Re: CSA v5.0 Reports not working.

Also, make sure that you are logged into the CSAMC using the FQDN and not just https://servername:1742. The reports will not run properly without the FQDN. This is a known bug.

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