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CSD and local file access

Is there anyway to allow certain CSD groups access to local files? I see there are ways to allow access to network folders and removable folders but there is no way to add a specific folder to allow an application to access a file. Our issue specifically is that the SecureCRT ssh client uses a license file located in its program directory to allow access to the program. When the program is launched it errors out that it is not licensed (presumably because CSD is blocking the exe from polling the license file). Outside of CSD the program launches with no problem. While this is an issue with just secure CRT currently i suspect this will be an issue with other apps in the future. Has anyone had this issue or found a workaround? Thanks.


Re: CSD and local file access

This url describes how to configure permissions and system detection conditions for web browsing, file access, port forwarding, and full tunneling when the remote client satisfies the configured location criteria:

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Re: CSD and local file access

Thanks for your response caenas123. What you posted looks like exactly what im trying to find however I cant seem to get there on csd version It seems like this is something that they might have incorporated into DAP's but i cant seem to find anything that would match what im trying to do. All i need to do is allow access to a file (or directory) on the local hard drive while the user is in CSD. It only needs to be read only acess to pull the license info for a specific app. Thanks again.

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