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CSIDS and HPOV versions

Hello, hopefully someone can clarify this for me:

Currently, I've got sensors running on 2.5 and director on 2.2.3 (sol26/sparc) with HPOV NNM 6.1. In the near future I will upgrade the sensors to v3.0 and install the appropriate director service packs, and maybe upgrade the director to sol8.

Will any of this be compatible with HPOV NNM 6.2?

Another question: Even though the director is running v2.2.3 (at least, thats what I think it does), idsvers tells me that the signature version is and the daemons are running 2.2.1 or Is this correct? The version file shows 2.2.3 though.

Ok, thanks in advance.


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Re: CSIDS and HPOV versions

The Unix director 2.2.3 is not officially supported with HPOV NNM 6.2.

But You can manage v3.0 sensors to with the director2.2.3 running on sol8 with HPOV NNM6.1.

Regarding version information, what you are seeing is the correct information. The signature version would show you the signature update you have on your director. The idsvers output would show you the versions of the different components of unix director. 2.2.3 install updates the postofficed, sapd and smid components.


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Re: CSIDS and HPOV versions

The nrConfigure tool and the IDS daemons are versioned separately.

If you look in the Help->About menu in the nrConfigure tool, you should see the version as 2.2.3.

"nrvers" will only show the daemon versions whihc haven't changed since

You will also need to install the latest 2.2.3 signature updates in order to configure all the new signatures available in the signature updates you will be installing on your 3.0 sensors.

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Re: CSIDS and HPOV versions

re: Unix Dir 2.2.3 on OV 6.2 HP UX 10.2 I tried and it didn't work.

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Re: CSIDS and HPOV versions

OV 6.2 is not supported by the Unix Director.

OV 6.2 changed the libraries to version 2.

The Unix Director was based off version 1 of the libraries.

I was told that HP would still sell and support OV 6.1 for a time because of this change.

I think there may be patches you have to download to get OV 6.1 to work on Solaris 8?

As for the Signature Level you, you are still back on signature update, while the latest in the field is S10. Just so you know, about a year ago we went to a new signature level numbering convention using the "S" designator. You signatures are about the equivelant of the old S2 signature level of the sensors.

So if you are managing 3.0(2)S10 sensors, you would need to download and install the S10 signature update for the directors.

NOTE: As you noticied, 2.2.3 does not update the signature level of the director, you have to apply the signature update as a separate file.

NOTE2: nrvers won't tell you if 2.2.3 is loaded. It only tells you the signature level and the version of specific daemons.

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