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CSM 3.3 Deployment Errors

This has only occured since I upgraded to CSM 3.3 yesterday - in 3.2 it is not a problem.

I was deploying an undated configuration to one of my firewalls which is a single unit without a failover license (It is used for testing only so I don't care if it fails!).

When deploying it is sending the following commands and returning the message below.

"An error response from the device prevented successful completion of this operation. The device provided the following description: no monitor-interface DMZ ERROR: Command requires failover license"

I can appreciate that is it important to turn off monitoring but as the device isn't capable of HA then what would you do to eliminate the problem.

I double checked the Failover menu is CSM and it is not enabled.

Any suggestions?

Giles Cooper


Re: CSM 3.3 Deployment Errors

Community Member

Re: CSM 3.3 Deployment Errors

looks like it. That is the worst suggestion for a workaround I have seen for a long time.

My boss is hardly going to authorise a new (unneeded) licence for a firewall just because of a bug in CSM!

I would hope a proper fix is released soon...

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