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CSM bugfix: Download latest updates

I was missing the last three IPS signature updates on my CSM 3.3 install, so I clicked the "Download latest updates" button. It then proceeded to download EVERY single signature update since the creation of time, taking over an hour and eating up tons of nice bandwidth in the process.

Any way you guys (the CSM devs) can fix the code so the button does what it actually says, and not d/l the whole catalog?


Re: CSM bugfix: Download latest updates

I hate reply to my own posts, but:

I opened a TAC case on this - it seems that for updates that are already in your CSM install directory ( \CSCOpx\MDC\IPS\updates ) the "download latest updates" button is only checking MD5 sums and not re-downloading the files.

Once I ran the Download Latest Updates via the CSM Client while Remote Desktop'd to the CSM Server, it finished in about 20 minutes. I think this is because (at least in my update directory) there are 2Gb worth of files, and the CSM client needs to bring them down to your machine to compute the hash. If you're on the server the client has 'local' access to them, thus computing the hashs takes far less time.

So if you're having the same problem, just run the job

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