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CSM with other CiscoWorks components

I currently have in place a CiscoWorks LMS server and UOM server. I am now installing CSM, can CSM be installed on the same server as LMS or UOM or does it have to be installed on a separate server. I also have a CSA MC server but have read where CSM and CSA cannot coexist on the same server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: CSM with other CiscoWorks components

You can only have one Common Services installed on the server. As an example, if you have the LAN Management Solution (LMS), you need to uninstall LMS before you can install CSM.


Re: CSM with other CiscoWorks components

Install CSM on its own server. I don't think CSM and LMS can co-exist on the same box, and even if they could performance would be bad and troubleshooting application issues would be a nightmare.

I have LMS 2.6 running on one box and CSM on another. The DCR (device and credential respository) on LMS is in "master" mode, and CSM is in "slave" mode going against LMS. This way I only have to maintain one device inventory, and when I add a new device to LMS it automatically shows up as a valid import device in CSM.

Both LMS and CSM are in AAA mode, too, so I have common authentication across the board.

The only problem with this setup is that LMS and CSM need to be running the same version of CS (common services), and CSM is lagging significantly at this point. (I guess they're supposed to be releasing CSM 3.1 soon, though.)

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