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CSMARS pnrestore command challenge

xposted to IPS group. Never quite sure where the CSMARS experts are;-)

I've already opened and closed a TAC case on this but but my confidence level is low that I have the right answer.

Simple scenario:

a csmars 100e that processes about 70 million events per day. Let's say it retains roughly 3 weeks of "dynamic data" in the database. archiving is configured for 365 days. To avoid confusion, assume the version is and has been 4.2.1 for over a year. There are cases going back 365 days. The archive is over 1TB of compressed data.

A misplaced cigar caused the device to bursts into flames and melt. Luckily, there is a backup device. What is the correct pnrestore command to restore the OS, the configuration data, and all cases and case data?

The user guide suggests that the required command would be:

pnrestore -m 2 -p NFSserver:/archive -t <365 days ago>

Of course, this _can't_ be right because then we would be attempting to restore gobs and gobs [and gobs] of dynamic data that is irrelevant and will never fit in the database anyway. I can't even comprehend how such a process would work effectively (i.e. not taking days or weeks).


Re: CSMARS pnrestore command challenge

I re-opened the TAC case asking for clarification. Here's the deal (soon to be verified):

in a nutshell, the documentation is reported to be wrong. cases and their associated data are saved with the configuration data. A pnrestore using mode 1 (OS and configuration data) also restores cases and case data. Also, a mode 1 pnrestore supports a -t option which can be used to restore specific old configuration data.

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