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CSPM cloud network

I am trying to manage a PIX firewall through a internal cloud network, I can telnet to the firewall but when I generate the command set, the "telnet" command is not there and I publish the command to the firewall, then any further connection is lost. My question is how do I create a cloud network and have it connected to my side of network and also connected to the network of the PIX firewall. It seem that I cannot or don't know how to connect extra device to the cloud network and probably it cause the problem of not generating the "telnet" command in the PIX. I am use CSPM 2.3.

Any clue?

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Re: CSPM cloud network

I solve the problem myself. To connect a PIX to existing cloud network, create a network segment under the cloud network, then when define the new PIX segment, use the existing network segment under the cloud network so that a network shortcut is made.

But I got another problem, since both PIX are connected to Internet and the cloud network, the traffic go either throught Internet or the cloud network, how can I control the traffic, by path restriction? Any idea?

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Re: CSPM cloud network

NO worry, resolve problem by path restriction. Just don't allow traffic go from one interface to another and vice versa will solve the problem.

Now my next problem is who have tried to use the CSPM3.0f and able to generate report because when I click the report section, it just got error.

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Re: CSPM cloud network

When I install the MS XML 3.0, then the report run fine now, it is stated in the installation document.

And I just wonder have anyone try using distributed installation and have remote CSPM receive logging for remote PIX and have the summary report generate at central CSPM? When I choose the remote CSPM to receive the logging for remote PIX, I can't select this particular PIX at local CSPM for reporting, why?

Thanks you in advance.

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