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CSPM - Network Topology Tree

I have a wrong host entry in the Available Network Objects - Server1 with ip address of

The server name is correct but the ip address is wrong. I can't clear this from the Available Network Objects. Does anyone know how to do this.

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Re: CSPM - Network Topology Tree

There is really no way to clear this object. It would have picked this address up when you installed CSPM.

Does your box have 2 NICs in it? If so, then this is not a supported configuration for CSPM. If this is the case, and if possible, then I would suggest that you remove one of the NICs and uninstall and reinstall CSPM.

If you have installed this host in your topology, then you can select it and the go to the Policy Distribution tab and change the Postoffice settings.


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Re: CSPM - Network Topology Tree

thanks for your prompt responce. The server has 1 nic and thats network After I installed cspm I went and added the ids then when I tried to add the host I somehow managed to get this entry in. At this moment I cannot add the cspm host to the topology because it's got the wrong address but the correct server name. So, best bet re-install cpsm??

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