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CSPM Signature Update?

In the latest signature update README for the IDS sensors (2.5(1)S3), it details a signature update for CSPM to propogate to the Sensors (see below Step 2). Does anyone know where this is? Thanks.




Note: The Update Sensor wizard is the tool that actually installs this signature update. This installation will install a complete updated NSDB. If you have and want to keep notes in current NSDB pages in the User Notes Page section of each page, you will have to manually back these up before installing this CSPM signature update S3.

To install the CSPM Signature Update version S3 on a CSPM 2.3.0i system, follow

these steps:

1. Backup your current CSPM topology and database

1a. Export CSPM topology. Select File->Export to file...

1b. Make a backup of the folder <CSPM Install Dir>\data

2. Load the CSPM Signature Update

2a. Expand the Signature Update zip file and extract the contents to a local folder.

2b. Select Wizards->Update Sensor

2c. Click on the Next button (do not click on "Select All" button, "Query Sensors", or select any sensors)

2d. Click on "Load CSPM Sensor Signature update file" check box

2e. Specify path to <extracted signature zip directory>\html

2f. Click "Next" button

2g. Click "Finish" button

3. Exit CSPM

3a. File->Exit

3b. Save changes

4. Reboot System

5. Start up and login to CSPM

6. If necessary, install Signature Update on all sensors.

7. Update sensor version(s) in CSPM and apply new templates.

7a. Select Wizards->Update Sensor

7b. Click on "Select All" button or select individual sensors

7c. Click on "Query Sensors"

7d. Click on "Next" button

7e. Click on "Generate updated signature configuration files for sensors on Finish" check box

7f. Click on "Next" button

7g. Click on "Finish" button

Cisco Employee

Re: CSPM Signature Update?

The CSPM signature update is now available on CCO.

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