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New Member

CTR Updates?

Anyone know what the deal is here? Threat Response is SEVERAL updates behind...

Cisco Employee

Re: CTR Updates?

Threat Response Updates will generally be a week or 2 behind the sensor signature update (so generally one sig level behind the sensor updates). This is because of the extra work involved in determining how to validate if a host on the network has been compromised by the new vulnerabilities being detected by the new signatures.

NOTE: The Threat Response GUI can display the alarms for the new signatures, it is just the additional analysis that is not done for these alarms until the Threat Response update is available.

For this particular update, the update was an additional few weeks behind because of bug fixes that were having to be done in the product.

The 2.0.2 update for Threat Response was released today and covers the signature updates through S57.

New Member

Re: CTR Updates?

Thanks, I did see a new version was released yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm having problems upgrading, and have an open case with TAC. When I run the setup, it says that the upgrade was interrupted before your new software was fully installed. Any idea about this? I had no problems with it and no problems upgrading prior to this.

Cisco Employee

Re: CTR Updates?

I'll ask some of the engineers

New Member

Re: CTR Updates?

The following will fix the problem.

CTR does not properly check for the situation where a customer started with 2.0.0, then upgraded to 2.0.1, and is now attempting to upgrade to 2.0.2.

For an interim solution:

Change the registry key HKLM\Software\Cisco Systems\Threat Response\Version from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1.

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