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CVPN Client 3.X Over Pac Bell DSL/PPPoE

I have had a number of users complaining about problems getting their CVPN 3.1 client to work with their Pac Bell DSL and its PPPoE client. Anyone have any wisdom to share on this? One person was not able to see any adapters in the "Set MTU" utility having uninstalled 2.5.2 and installed 3.1. Another person could connect to our 3030 concentrator and could do some pings on our intranet but could not run any applications - do anything which required a heftier data stream. We had him set MTU to 1400 and this didn't help. He's running NT. In most other environments the CVPN clients are running well.

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Re: CVPN Client 3.X Over Pac Bell DSL/PPPoE

Try setting the MTU to 1285. This fixed all our Enternet users (PacBell DSL dialer as well as many other ISPs). As for the problem of setmtu.exe not seeing me.

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