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Default route through a Virtual Tunnel


I need to set up a redundance solution where one ISP uses PPPoE and one static ip adresses. And over there I though of running to tunnels, where I either load balanced or used failover.

But the real problem is that everything needs to go through the tunnel.

Is it possible to do:

int fa0/0

ip add

int tunnel0

ip add

tunnel source fa0/0

tunnel dest

tunnel mode ipsec ipv4

tunnel protection ipsec VTI

ip route

ip route tunnel0


Re: Default route through a Virtual Tunnel

My suggestion is to have ip route after ip route tunnel0. Because always routing is checked from top to bottom . If a match ( First route entry ) is found that interface or ip address is chosen.

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Re: Default route through a Virtual Tunnel

Hi thanks for the reply :)

I justed tried to set a default route through a tunnel in a lab.

The tunnel came up, but when it found out that there was an overlapping route it whent down again. So the conclusion is that you can not use a default route through a virtual interface tunnel.

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