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Delegating authority in CSA

Does anyone know of a way to delegate levels of authority in CSA? I know I can do an "all or none" in VMS, where I can give someone view-only or full administrator, however Im looking for levels in between those two.



Re: Delegating authority in CSA

The VMS has roles you can use. The Help Desk role allows users to view the MC but not make any changes.

Look under Server Administration>Setup>Security and you can see a list of roles you can use.

Tom S

New Member

Re: Delegating authority in CSA

Thanks for the response. I did see that you can apply different roles, but I wasnt sure how the mapped specifically to the CSA console.


Re: Delegating authority in CSA

If you are using CSA version 4.5 there is a new concept called State Sets that would help you achieve this outcome if I am understanding you correctly.

"User State Sets provide a mechanism to enforce varying policies based on the user logged in to the system. You can enforce rule modules based on the username and group information cached upon logging into the system."

Go to the Configuration pulldown menu and select Rule Modules and then User State Sets.

Hope this helps.


Re: Delegating authority in CSA

You are welcome. The roles will allow a different levels of access to the CSAMC. If the user logs in using an account with only the Help Desk role, they will be able to view anything and run reports but that's all.

Under Security there is a permissions report that explains what each role can and can't do.

Hope that helps...

Tom S

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