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Design Question: Can you 'bundle' multiple site-to-site IPSec tunnels?

Is it possible to 'bundle' multiple IPSec tunnels across different facilities (i.e. ISPs) and have them appear as a one larger logical bundle. In other words, bundling IPSec tunnels accross different ISPs to appear like a single MLPPP bundle.

Scenario: Head end would have a c3745 with one or more T-1s to the Internet and serve as a tunnel endpoint. The remote would have access to the Internet via DSL and cable modem. A c2621 with an ADLS WIC will terminate the DSL access and one of the Ethernet ports can connect to a cable modem.

If this isn't possible (and I'm guessing it's not) is it still possible to have the DSL service as the primary site-site VPN tunnel carrier and the cable modem as the secondary in the event of a DSL failure?

If so, what is the best way to "monitor" the primary tunnel for a failure in order to build a secondary backup tunnel over the cable modem?

Thanks for everything in advance!

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Re: Design Question: Can you 'bundle' multiple site-to-site IPSe

I guess you cannot bundle taht way....

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