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Detect successful VPN connection?

I'm developing an application for my client. The application will run on stand-alone XP machines which use Cisco Systems VPN Client Version to connect to the main office. My application needs to launch the VPN (easy enough), but then wait around for the user to successfully establish the connection, so I can then proceed with other processing (chiefly running the RemoteWare client).

The question is, is there a way, programmatically, that I can detect if a connection has been established? I suppose I could set up a poll to continually ping an address which should answer if successfully connected. But I was hoping for a less-kludgy method.

Is some message generated when the VPN connects? Or is there some other clean way I can detect the connection status?

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.



Re: Detect successful VPN connection?

ping is the most accurate way to verify whether the vpn tunnel is active and working as expected.

if somehow there is a way to poll the status from the devices (in fact, i believe it can be done by snmp mib) regarding vpn. however, sometimes the tunnel up doens't necessarily mean that the tunnel is working perfectly.

e.g. a vpn client may seem to be connected but no traffic can actually flow between the client and the server. such as nat-t command is missing.

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