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DeterministicNetworks/DNE/Parameters hidden key or value

I've had to manually uninstall a prior version of the VPN client (v 4.01). Unfortunately the HKLM\SOFTWARE\DeterministicNetworks\DNE\Parameters key contains a hidden key or value that makes it difficult to delete. I'm attempting to install the version 5 client and it fails. I downloaded and tried to install version 4.05 client to try to uninstall it, but it gives me a blue screen of death when attempting to install the DeterministicNetwork components.

Is there a tool that can remove the above mentioned registry key?

Thanks in advance.


Re: DeterministicNetworks/DNE/Parameters hidden key or value

Hi Albert

Use windows installer cleanup utility and check if previous VPN client still exists in registry. If yes, remove it via the cleanup utility


New Member

Re: DeterministicNetworks/DNE/Parameters hidden key or value

Thanks for the suggestion Huseyin, but the prior manual removal of 4.01 cleared everything out, and the partial installation of 4.03 didn't get far enough to show up.

I need to somehow remove that registry entry, but don't think regedit can handle the hidden entries.

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