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Devices for a remote office

What would be some good devices for a remote office. I have been looking at the 1700 and 2600 series with the VPN accelerator card. Traffic can vary from a few users at one site to 50 at another with heavy traffic loads.


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Re: Devices for a remote office

Hmmm. Difficult question to answer without additional requirements information. My general response is that you should choose the right router for the scenario, before worring about VPN requirements. Here's some help:

1) Do you anticipate needing multi-service support (i.e. might you want to add Voice over IP capabilities)? If so, the 2600 can support voice trunk and voice station lines, not the 1720 (but the 1750 can).

2) Does the 1700 have the interfaces you require? The 2600 comes with either two Ethernet interface or two 10/100 interfaces. The 1720 offers only a single 10/100 interface.

3) Do you require ISL or 802.1Q support. The 1700 series does not support either, only the 2600.

4) Do you want more expansion capabilities for future growth? The 2600 offers more slot interface than the 1720 and has additional modules not supported by the 1700 series.

5) Which is your budget? The 1700 is less expensive than the 2600, but the 1700 series features lower overall performance.

6) Finally, is the encryption performance of the 1700 series adequate for your needs? The 1700 series supports 3Mb/s with the hardware card, while the 2600 supports 4Mb/s with the hardware card. If you are connecting to a T-1 interface or lower, either platform will suit encryption performance requirements. Remember, encryption through-put is only as useful as your slowest link.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Re: Devices for a remote office

Another Viable option would be to use a pix 506 the encryption throughput for this devices is 6megs per second which outperforms both the 1700 and 2600 for less cost than your 1700. Plus it has the entire Pix software set for internet security covered.

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