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Dial-Up to VPN

I have a 10 site VPN that uses Cisco 17xx routers at each location. All 10 location have DSL connection. I have an 11th site that can only get dial-up access. I know that I can load a software solution on the PC's at that site but I have a printer that needs to be connected as well. My central (unix) application isn't very smart and it only knows how to print to an IP address ( Is there a way to configure a print server to connect to the VPN through a dial-up connection? ...timmy

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Re: Dial-Up to VPN

Hi Timmy,

If you have a Router at this site which is initiating the VPN then yes its possible by doing Site to Site and the tunnel will be initated everytime there is a job for the printer. But if this site needs to bring tunnel up from the Print server machine automatically, I am afraid thats not possible without having a VPN client loaded on this machine and connected through the VPN at that time.

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Re: Dial-Up to VPN

Thanks Aamir. You've given me great hope. What sort of Cisco equipment would I use at the remote site (the one that uses dial up). They have PC's there so those can be used to bring up the tunnel. As I understand it, the Cisco 1720 routers cannot be used to make a dial-up connection. They need a fixed IP address to communicate to the internet. ...timmy

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