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director logs

hi all,

recently i had a problem with ovw database, so i had to reinstall director, almost all is back to normal, the only problem now is that logs from /usr/nr/var/new do not automatically are zipped (.Z) and sent to /usr/nr/var/dump. anybody knows an answer?



Cisco Employee

Re: director logs

The archival function is dependent on the Data Management settings. After the contents in the Directory reaches a certain size, then the archiving automatically takes place.

1. Check that sapd is running on the Director.

2. Check the Data Management settings and verify the contents of /usr/nr/var/new should have triggered the archive. You may not have enough logs to trigger the archive.

If everything looks ok, then you can try and manually run the archive script to verify that it is working.

Cisco Employee

Re: director logs

The daemon that takes care of the log files is the nr.sapd daemon.

Check the output of nrstatus, and nrvers to ensure that nr.sapd is both running and responding.

If it is not running then check your director configuration in nrConfigure and see if nr.sapd is checked in the System Files->Daemons configuration screen.

If it is checked then try typing nrstop and nrstart to see if starts up.

If sapd is running then you can check sapd's configuration and see if it is setup to archive properly.

Execute: nrget 10007 1 FileMgmt

Example: nrget 10007 25 100 1 FileMgmt

Also the new directory has to be filled to a certain size before the compression will run.

Execute the following command to see how big the new directory is.

Execute: cd /usr/nr/var; du -sk ./new

If you paste the output of the above commands along with the contents of your /usr/nr/etc/sapd.conf file then I can help in debugging your issue.

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