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Disabling RIP on NetRangr Director?

Hello all -

Our comms group turned off RIP at the routers yesterday and our IDS system started dropping. The Director was unable to communicate. I looked over the configuration files on both the Director and the Oracle DB servers and saw that RIP was running on both (but not on the sensors).

I am not strong enough (just enough to be dangerous kind of thing..) on Unix to know for certain what I should be looking for in order to turn off RIP.

The gateways; hosts; resolv.conf; and nsswitch files all seem to be set up properly according to what I have read so far. From that reading I think that all I need to so is add the line NORIP to the gateways file. Is this correct? Thanks much for your assistance.

Henry Schupp


Re: Disabling RIP on NetRangr Director?

Your question is not too clear. If your issue is that Director and Sensors are not able to commmunicate, it could simply be due to routing issues or a number of other factors such as the director hostname configured on sensor is incorrect or the wrong case, you are running into some bug (Version 2.2.0 has a number of problems there) or there are roblems with Semaphore parameters. In addition to performing these checks, please refer to

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