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DMVPN + High Availability Across 2 ISP's


We have a DMVPN environment for our remote offices, that use 2800 ISR's. We use gre tunnels along with HSRP to two different core VPN gateways. Some of our remote locations would like to have High Availability (load balancing isn't necessary) so they can fail over to a second ISP if their primary fails. The problem I am trying to resolve is if their primary ISP, which Tunnel 0 is configured to use (by the "tunnel source" command), goes down, is there a way to automatically force the router to establish the tunnels using the interface of the second ISP.

We are trying to find a solution where we just need to configure the remote VPN router itself so we do not need to ask the two ISP's to enable something like HSRP, GBRP, OSPF on their routers (I do not know if they would even be willing to do this).

I'm looking at OER:

but we are looking for a solution that does not require us to purchase another router (to act as the master controller).

Thank you.

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Re: DMVPN + High Availability Across 2 ISP's

One of my ISP's said they only support BGP. I'm still waiting to hear back from my other ISP. Does anyone know if I can accomplish what I'm trying to do above using BGP?

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