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DMVPN Tunnels

This may be really unusal, but its real. I want to have a remote router (1712) have two tunnels to two separate VPN Hubs. On the remote I have two tunnel interfaces, using two different interfaces, 1 Physical and 1 Virtual (Vlan1) I would like to be able to pass traffic thru the remote sometimes like it is a hub. Will this work with DMVPN or do I need to do point to point tunnels. I would like to use gre and a routing protocol but could use static routes?


Re: DMVPN Tunnels


if i read ur post properly u need to send some traffic from hub1 to hub2 via spoke1.

dont u have a seperate link between the 2 hubs ? or ur planning for a reduandcy kinda setup for the primary link between the hub sites ?

or else you want the spoke to communicate to hub1 and if theres some probs you wanted that to communicated with hub2?


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Re: DMVPN Tunnels

There will be some traffic from hub 1 to hub2 via the remote, but mostly I need the remote to be able to access hosts at 2 different sites at the same time, and the two hub sites won't be able to communicate with each other unless the remote is active.

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