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DMVPN using 2811 ans 877 series help required

Dear all,

i have tried DMVPN configuration(hub and spoke)using 2811 12.4-k9 and 877 series 12.4-k9. while configuring i found my 877 doesnt support eigrp, so i just enabled rip v2.

at the hub side my LAN ip was and spoke side it was and after configuration it started working i transfered a 6mb file as well.but after a while this configuration stopped working.dont know whats the reason, when i checked the show ip route it was showing a class A network may be bcoz of the RIP.

is there any work around to configure DMVPN using static routing.can anybody suggest something.



Re: DMVPN using 2811 ans 877 series help required

I think you can configure VRF. Using virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instances, the customer would still have a default route in the global routing table so that the IKE and IPsec signature authorities can be built. The first step is to create a "dummy" VRF and then define a default gateway within the VRF. Once the decrypted packets are mapped into the VRF instance, there is another default route that points toward the corporate firewall side. Reverse route injects a static route in the VRF routing table, which can be redistributed by the routing protocol running between this box and the corporate network as a host route or an aggregate summary of the pool. The configuration needed to achieve this is complex, and is best suited for enterprise and service provider customers. This solution has worked well in the service provider space due to the familiarity with VRFs in general, but customers without VRF knowledge can still use this configuration -- no Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) knowledge is required.

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Re: DMVPN using 2811 ans 877 series help required

thank you very much for the reply. can you give some sample configurations for the same


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